The largest and best summer park in the world has been firing all week.

The hot sunny days have made it hard to go inside and post updates as

we've been having too much fun. The park has never been as good as it is

this year. With no pipe, no moguls and nothing but pure slopestyle

bliss, campers and coaches have been pushing each other like never

before. It's been inspiring.

The Canadian Slopestyle Team has been in the park training for the

upcoming season on the medium triple line and the big triple line as COC

is the only park in the world large enough to train competition runs.

It's pretty awesome seeing them train and learn.

It's also really cool to see all the coaches from other camps coming

over to work on their personal goals and train in the COC park. Wallisch, Kenworthy, Woodsy and so many other coaches from other camps

have chosen COC to help them push their skills when they aren't being

paid to coach elsewhere. Thanks for coming, it's been awesome watching

you guys pushing your games and expanding your bags of tricks.

We also had a sunset shoot that was just awesome. Abe Kislevitz and Caleb and Chris Ferro from GoPro, along with Bene Mayr, Mack Jones, Rob

Heule and Carl Fortin were sending it with Slopestyle World Champion

Stale Sandbech, Seb Toots, Mark McMorris and Simen Nirecker on the

snowboard side (you'll have to download our iPhone or Android app to see

the snowboard shoot, as we only uploaded the ski part here). Abe, Caleb and Chris were here from GoPro making an edit for the GoPro site, and judging from the photos, it's going to be epic.

Campers have been pushing their own limits as well. All day in the park

and then all night on the dry slope rails and the Launcher. We've had so

many comments along the lines of, "Man I learned all three of my goals by the second or

third day, so I've had to make new goals." It's amazing how much energy

people get from learning new tricks. All day from 8am - 3pm sending it

in the park and then from 5pm - 10pm sending it in The Compound. Straight up


Make it your goal to come to COC next summer, you are seriously missing

the best time of your life and the opportunity to ski with some of the

best skiers on earth and make new friends from around the world. There

are campers from 15 different countries at camp this week.

Stay tuned for more updates from Camp of Champions, and in case you missed it over the weekend, check out our Session B edit below...

Camp of Champions Session B Edit