Today was the first stop of the Orage Pros and Powder Tour and there was no shortage of snow here at Stowe. The day started off with some partly cloudy skies and runs with Orage pros J.P. Auclair and Michele Parker. While the sun came out for a while we got our hot dog on down at the base of the quad with Mike Nick throwing out wiener jokes left and right. Unfortunately before everyone, including this guy, could get their hands on some processed pork the snow gods rolled in with some wind and snow coming down hard and blowing the tent away with it.

        After that the group got disbanded and everyone went looking for the many stashes hidden all over Stowe. Enjoy the pics below of the pre-storm tent action, new North Slope Park set up, and some shots from the post party at the base lodge. Get out to Stowe sometime soon, there’s plenty of snow to go around.

Steve and Mike setting up the grill

what up Schmuck and Michele in the back

who doesn't love hot dogs

Cody, the man behind the magic of Orage

Michele sneaking a dog for herself

Steve working the grill before it got blown over

banked picnic table into the flat to down boxes

some big snowmaking piles for your handplanting pleasure

the dog house box with a fresh paint job

Schmuck, Parker, and Auclair rocking the humps

Dan Mason doing his thing thing on the down rail

lil 270 on switchup 270 out action

J.P. on the down guard rail

Orage table inside

mad coozies

Michele getting her post ski trick on

Dan enjoying his beer and coozie complements of Orage

J.P. and Michele doing some signing

all the pro skiers are training with this

Pat enjoying his beer(s)

later guys