You may know Sam Schwartz from Jackson Hole's Kings & Queens of Corbet's competition, or throwing massive airs in the Jackson Hole backcountry. Regardless of how you've heard of him, he just launched a sustainable grocery business, Avant Delivery.

Jackson, WY. (April 8, 2021)- Avant Delivery was launched in December 2020 by Jackson local, Sam Schwartz, as Wyoming’s first sustainability service for grocery delivery, zero-waste restaurant takeout and waste management. Avant’s services work towards eliminating the need for single use plastics by making reuse easy with its zero-waste packaging and circular process; starting with local grocery sourcing all the way to compost hauling.

“After years of shopping in grocery stores avoiding purchasing products with unnecessary plastic packaging, it was so clear to me that the packaging system was broken,” said Sam Schwartz, Avant Delivery Founder & CEO. “In a community like Jackson that lives and breathes the environment and outdoor recreation, we have an obligation to minimize our impact and make sustainability the no-brainer option for local businesses and consumers.”

Grocery Delivery

Avant has created its own Grocery Store made up of local food and drinks purchased from participating vendors in town. Encouraging consumers to buy local, grocery delivery from the Avant store is free with next-day delivery. This is the best option for getting the freshest groceries without producing any waste. An online menu for the Avant Grocery Store will be available at later this month.

Avant also offers regular grocery delivery from Jackson Whole Grocer for $25 per trip. All groceries are picked up and delivered that day in Avant reusable tote and produce bags, no order minimum required.

Zero Waste Restaurant Take Out

With annual visitors in Jackson reaching over three million people a year, Avant encourages zero-waste to-go food by also providing reusable containers that can be used in participating restaurants.

Avant’s process supports small businesses by giving them access to reusable packaging, aiming to create another compelling reason to buy local rather than generic.

Waste Management

When finished with the packaging and waste from either grocery delivery or takeout, you toss it in your provided reusables box and compost bin. Avant will pick them up weekly leaving you with new, sanitized containers.

Avant Delivery memberships cost $39.99 per month. This includes access to the Avant Reusables Network around town, compost hauling and the Avant Delivery grocery store. All deliveries from the Avant grocery store are free and deliveries from Whole Foods are $25 per trip. Limited memberships are available.

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About Avant Delivery

Avant Delivery was founded in Jackson, WY in 2020 with the mission of making sustainability the easiest choice for consumers and businesses. Avant Delivery’s circular system provides consumers with reusable packaging for grocery and take out delivery options as well as cleaning and composting services. When you are finished with the packaging you can toss it in your Avant Reusables Box and Avant Delivery will pick it up, take care of the cleaning and provide you with a new, sanitized box for your next round of groceries or take out. Our goal is to make sustainability the easiest choice for you. Toss it in your box, and let us do the dirty work. Follow along on our journey on Facebook & Instagram.