This tutorial will hopefully help you to get Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, working free on your computer.

Files needed:


~Download the trial version of Premiere Pro CS3

(You will need to crate an Adobe account, but thats no problem) and yes

this will have all full features, not like the first downloadable

trials from adobe.

~Download this Keygen. (Otherwise Here)


 Step One: Install the trail version of Premiere Pro CS3, using the supplied package. (The installer will permit for a serial number when

installing, but the ones from the keygen will not work as of yet, so just click


DO NOT open premiere after installation.

Step Two: Before you open Premiere, navigate to: C:\Program

Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache and delete the “cache.db” file. (Would

pay to empty recycle bin too).

Step Three: Now go ahead and open Premiere. Once loaded you

will notice that Premiere has created a new cache.db file (in: :\Program

Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache), and promoting for a serial number.

First before you enter a serial, right click on the new cache.db file and select

 properties from the drop down menu. At

the bottom of the properties window you will see a box that reads"Read

Only". Select that box, then click “Apply” then “OK”

Step Four:Back to the Premiere window, and you will now see that

it is promoting for a serial. So open the suppled keygen and generate a serial.Copy

it (CTRL+C)  then paste (CTRL+V) it into

the serial number box in premiere. You will see a little green tick next to the

serial box. So go ahead and click “Next”.

Step Five:

The Activation window

should now appear in Premiere. Select the “Other Activate Options” link. In the

next window select “Over the Telephone” and click “OK”

Step Six: The Phone activation

window will appear. You don't need to worry about the country drop down menu, it

just displays the country's adobe phone activation number. You will see a bunch

of numbers, the “Activation Number” is the one you want. It should consist of

seven blocks consisting of four numbers. Navigate back to the Keygen, and type

these numbers in without the “-“ in between then select “Activate”. The keygen

will then generate your authorization code. Go back into the Premiere phone

activation window and type the authorization code in the appropriate box (Under No.

3), then select  Activate. Then “Done” on

the “Thank You” window.

Step Seven:  The “Register” window will now appear.  NOW, go

back to your cache.db file (in: :\Program Files\Common

Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache) and deselect “Read Only” box (described in

Step 3) and click “OK”. Navigate back you the Register window and at the top where it says “ Choose Option”,

Select “Do Not Register” from the drop down menu, then click “Continue”

Step Eight: Premiere will now load, let it finish.You

will then be presented a dialog that says “ Additional codecs that are not

included on the trial version of premiere pro CS3 must be installed”.  DO NOT click “OK” just yet.  

Go back to your cache.db

file (in: :\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache) and this time reselect

“Read Only” box (Discribed in Step 3) and click “OK”. This file will not need

to be modified again, it will stay a “Read Only” file, do not change it.

Step Nine: Once you have modified your cache.db file, go back to premiere and click “OK” on the window that

says: “ Additional codecs that are not included on the trial version of

premiere pro CS3 must be installed”. Premiere will then go forward and install

all additional codecs. Select “OK” when premiere wants to restart itself.


Your all done! Premiere Pro CS3 will be fully

functional on your machine now, and forever.


A modified cache.db file has been uploaded, if you

can not get this to work. If you replace your file (in: :\Program Files\Common

Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache) premiere will think it has already installed

aditional codecs on your system and your Premiere will still just be a trial

version without the time period.