**Weather permitting**

There will be some jibs set up on saturday 10/29 and sunday 10/30 on launch pad.

The lift will be spinning from 10 – 4 both days.

Tickets will be $10 and you can get them in the clocktower building.

All proceeds will go to the rebuilding of Northstar Bowl.

**Weather permitting**

Possible features

- a-frame box

- 20′ culvert

- shorter flat box X 2

- 20′ donkey rail

-dance floor

-24′ flat box

- 20′ flat rail X2

- 2′ diameter tank

- 16′ flat box

This is what Day and crew have pulled out as features to work with.  I can tell you that there will be 2 lines and possibly a return feature. They won’t know exactly what will be used and how until they get in there and see what the snow is like.



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