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Last year, Powder built the biggest park ever, and called it Superpark. Footage from that event, and previous Superparks, are now available in a video format. Powder magazine and Axis magazine have announced Superpark, The Movie.

Edited by Kris Ostness, this film takes watchers behind the scene at Mammoth as fifty riders take on the biggest hits known to man. Watch Candide dominate the 110-foot hip and Matt Collins slay the Powder kicker, and better yet: check out former Superpark highlights like C.R. Johnson's bio 9 and Tanner's wicked huge flatspins. says, "The exclusive film goes beyond athlete segment clips seen in this year's selection of mainstream ski movies, and reveals the process of understanding, attempting, surviving, and ultimately styling out a hit as large as the C.R. Johnson 90-Foot Step-Down Gap."

In addition, the film includes interviews with many athletes and park designers, revealing the massive efforts involved in building a gargantuan, and then slaying it. TRG, PBP, Level 1, Wind-Up, and Volume all provide footage. Sponsors for Superpark, The Movie include Red Bull, Mammoth, Teton Gravity Research, Oakley, and Scott USA.

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