For the longest time, there has been one thread in particular on NS, simply entitled, Post What's on Your Mind. Started by now legendary member, @boozer , 10 years ago, this thread has been a blog for many NSers over the years. It has been a place to post what they were thinking about in a place where very few people might see it, but those who did might care a little. Today, that thread reached 2000 pages. I reached out to Mr.Boozer to ask him if he wanted any words in this article about that thread and this is what he said:


Here’s what I just posted on the thread. It Pretty much sums how I feel about the whole thing. “And it only took *checks notes* 10 years. In that time I finished high school, graduated from the U, moved to Boston, then to Texas and started my career as a comic. All the while, nsers have continued to post on this thread about politics, skiing and how much of a chode skierman is. This community’s rad and it’s honestly mind blowing how big this thread has gotten, especially when you consider how little I’ve posted on this site lol!

As for the caption for the thread? (Baby monkey riding on a pig, with a doughnut) tons of people on this site have asked what that could possibly mean. well here’s the explanation: I was a little stoned and a friend of mine sent me a video of a baby monkey riding on a pig. I was enjoying a doughnut at the time. I went to NS, posted the thread and commented the only 2 things that were on my mind at the time: the video and the doughnut. Here’s the clip in question: of Boozer's words)

Now, back to what this article is, I've had a lot of free time here lately, and did some scrolling, somewhere around the first 314 pages of Post What's on Your Mind. I took some time to copy paste/screenshot things I found interesting, introspective, or flat out weird. These are posts from real NS members, from all those years ago. I hope you enjoy!


Baby monkey riding on a pig, with a doughnut

Wow 4 posts until some one said boobs? I was expecting less


I hate getting older. I really want to go back to when I was 14 and I was friends with everyone and everyone wanted me to do vocals in their bands and my biggest problem was getting people to buy me alcohol and keeping my hair backcombed.

I miss having loads of friends to hang out with instead of about 4 and going on adventures strange places and running from police.

Now all we do is sit in the pub, I don't have a band, I have so many job applications to do, job interviews that I have to spend hundreds of pounds to go to.

I used to spend every day wishing I was older, and now I wish I'd realised how good I had it.


after a stop at mcdonald's, it occurred to me that our dogs must think we're just phenomenal hunters. after only about 2 minutes of hunting we've got enough kill to feed a wild pack of canines. once in a while we leave for an hour or two and come back with enough kill to last the pack for months.

.Hugo: Picked up some girls at walmart last night. Stayin classy

B.utters: I've almost finished 5 years worth of study and spent close to $40, 000 on a degree. Now I realise that I really really don't like what I'm doing.

Time to become a ski instructor? I think so.

CHRONIC: my moms roomates daughter just came home stoned as fuck and is now watching jersey shore with me. the question on my mind is...why am i not stoned as fuck. and why am i living at home still

Get.Kronk: People hate Obama and love Tim Tebow way too much.

Raz.: I just flirted with a random girl for a solid 20 minutes so she would buy me a burrito at chipotle. When I got it, I just told her I had a boyfriend and walked away.

Skeedle: i hate people who think pets are disposable.

BlackMamba.: sex, football, food and eggnog

.AR6Rider: I am fully convinced that 99% of NS is actually mentally handicapped.

Big_Spence: i'm currently selling a Zippo lighter on Ebay for $102.50 and there is still two days left on the bid....people are so dumb.

Flyon: I really loved her, NS. I really did…

T_Rob: My tolerance for apple cider is not what it used to be.

Spinoza: The endoscopy unit waiting room is the WORST place to meet a cute girl

Jane6: Tanner Hall needs to get out of my dreams. A couple of weeks I had a sex dream about him, and last night I dreamed that I killed him with a snowboard. I'm so confused.

boozer(On Page 111): HOLY SHIT i havent been on newschoolers in a long while, this thread has gotten HUGE

DeebieSkeebies: POW DAY. IT'S A POW DAY.


Spinoza: Fkn put on a tight shirt, wrap your knee, and go get some sympathy poon you stooge.

HWW: • cat wakes me up 04:30

runs to the kitchen

tells me to look outside

self looks outside

it's dumping, fuck yeah!

.Dad: Drifting in 8 inches of fresh is probably just as fun as skiing pow.

Laurent.: Had my first exam today.

According to the uni providedstudyplanner this section requires at least 200 hours of study.

I unpackaged the book yesterday.

Started at 5pm, distilled the 600 pages of words and questions into a work plan.

Had some lovely dinner.

From 10pm to 5am: work mode, 2min. brake every 20min. 5min. brake every hour. Plenty of water, coffee and powersnackcookies.

5am to 6am: powernap

Then on the train, reread the most important sections, twice.

Did the test.

Just got the result: 98%, best of everyone.

beezey: I feel like these koalas are going to drug and rape me

There are many more things I could have put in here, but I figured I'd leave some fun for anyone who had some extra time on their hands. If you ever want to look back at any page from anytime within this thread, here's how: All you have to do is readjust the URL where it says page=and type in any number from 1-2000 push enter, and that'll take you to any page in that thread if you want to look back, and see what was on another NSers mind. I'm sure there are some gems, and maybe you'll find one if you look hard enough. Feel free to leave a screenshot in the comments!