Photos: Parker Hemingway

What is the Poor Boyz Productions Triple Threat Tour? Some call it the unofficial start of winter, while most just call it the greatest night of their lives. We call it the night when Poor Boyz Productions comes to your city with athletes, premieres the newest most epic ski flick, and parties so loud that it wakes up the snow gods to let them know it’s time to start dumping snow!

The 2010 Triple Threat Tour has kicked off with record numbers. 2500 screaming fans in Seattle for the World Premiere and capacity crowds in Portland, Spokane, Ogden, New York City, Boston, New Zealand, Russia, Czech Republic, Montreal, Alaska, Durango, Salt Lake City, and Boulder…and we’re only half way through the tour!

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “Are there any stops coming to my city?” Our answer “Probably!” Check out for the entire 2010 Triple Threat Tour listing.

There’s still stops coming up in Boise, Idaho, Hood River and Bend, Oregon (where an awesome Halloween party will be doing down), Edmonton, Alberta, Truckee, California, London and Manchester, England, Tempe, Arizona, Bellingham Washington, Vancouver and Whistler, BC, Grand Rapids Michigan and a whole lot more…so don’t you dare miss it!

2010 Triple Threat Tour Video Update from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo.