The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open, took place on Harenda slope in Zakopane. Strong wind caused slight change in the schedule, and after morning’s training session organizers decided to start rails competition first.

The key to the success in the railpark was not only to show difficult technical tricks but also to combine them in one fine line. Norwegian Ulrik Hopp was the one who did the best job on the rails. He also received Some additional prizes for winning Night Session, where he tried to prove that 2,5 metre high a-frame/wallride could actually be even higher. Second place in rails contest took Edvards Lansmanis from Latvia. Third position went to Robert Szul from Poland.

Unfortunately, conditions in Zakopane didn’t get any better and organizers and the riders decided to have chillout jump session. Part of them choose the big kicker, others got creative one the knuckle of the landing. Pepe Kalensky received some nice prizes for style, Ville Vuori from Finland was awarded for the most creative evolution (900 screaming seamen), and his countryman Henri Immonen for double frontflip from the knuckle. Bartek Sibiga’s dub cork 1080 mute received title of the best trick.

As judges decided, Friday’s big air qualifiers results were also the final ones. Pontus Penttila landed on first position. He received the highest notes for his beautiful switch dub cork 1080 safety. Second was PC Fosse from Norway, who showed stylish dub 1080 nose mute. Third was Vuori with switch bio 1080.

Among 20 best skiers were also polish riders Szczepan Karpiel, Paweł Palichleb, and the best one Bartek Sibiga. He was the one who also received the title of the Polish Freeskiing Champion and keys to new Aprilia scooter. Second was Szczepan Karpiel - Bułecka, and third Paweł Palichleb.

On the first position among women landed Zuza Witych, second was Andrejka Kryslova. Coming from Poland Zuza also received prizes for her runs during Night Session, and second place in the rails competition.

This year, also juniors taking part in the big air competition where awarded. The best one was Mads - Josef Kristoffersen from Norway, second Fabio Doberauer from Austria, and third Wiktor Loevall from Estonia.

Prizes for the best riders of The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open 2014 sponsored The North Face, Rexona, GoPro, Red Bull Mobile, Armada Skis and Aprilia.

„There is no doubt we will remember the 11th edition of The North Face Polish Freeskiing Open for a really long time. The level was very high. The Night Session was best in history. But the thing that made it so special this year was the riders’ attitude. Even thou the weather conditions had not let them to show their best on Saturday, they made an amazing show for the spectators. Fun is the most important part of this sport, and there was plenty of it in Zakopane” says Andrzej Lesiewski, the manager of the event.

Photos from the contest can be found on and Full results are available on main page. Soon you will get a chance to watch full photo and video reports.