For all of you Euros that missed the chance to meet Eric Pollard, or

ride with him, really did miss out on an amazing experience! EP was

gracious enough to do a quick unannounced 3 day whirlwind tour which

took him from the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany, through Innsbruck and

St. Anton, Austria on to Crans Montana in Switzerland.

Eric overshadows Innsbruck

First stop, directly off the plane and into the beer hall!

And of course, we were flaunting the legend!

As we enjoyed our Bavarian meal and liters of beer (thanks

Wolfie!), it was fun to show Eric how the beer swilling Germans party,

even though the Hofbräuhaus was mostly made up of tourists. LINE MC

Martin Bauer even demonstrated how the puke toilet worked...

Martin showing us how it's done

Then we were off to the first shop on the schedule, Good Stuff

in Munich. Great to see that even after a few brewskis, Eric was still

able to sign his name.

Eric signing the house pants at Good Stuff

Next, we were off to Innsbrooklyn, to ride on the Hungerburg.

Even the weather was not the greatest, we still had a great time

testing the new skis.

Korbi shows us a little bit of the Afterbang base on a box on the Nord Park

Hangover, what stinking hangover??

So after a little shredding, we were off to do more signings at Die Boerse, the legendary shop in Innsbruck.

Eric signs some lucky kid's new skis

Bet he could shred that 222 as well!!

Now we were on our way to the LINE team house in St. Anton.

Once we got there, we were greeted by the Sport Jenenwien team at their

freestyle shop, Surfer's Paradise. Beers and a DJ were awaiting us, and

good times were had by all.

Korbi showing the new Anthems

Surfer's Paradise in St. Anton

Beers flowed from the Canandian fridge!

So after a great night and some well deserved sleep (except for

the swede hunters Korbi and Martin), we were off to meet some shop

riders and other skiers to rip up Anton.

Everybody was stoked to ride with Pollard

Even the boarders were stoked!!

Martin and Peter showing what LINE skis can do

It was also my first day on my new Anthems, so sick!!!

Even the snowboarders loved the new Anthem graphics

And of course, no day would not be complete without beers at the Krazy Kanagaruh!!

So now we were left with our longest trek, to Crans Montana in

Switzerland. Crans was hosting the Champs Open, which LINE MC's Patrick

Hollaus, Nils Lauper, and Jussi Mononen were competing. After a brief

sleep, we were on the hill once again, and this time with some new snow

and a bunch of crazy swiss dudes!

These boys were fired up!!

Maybe a little too fired up!!

A lift full of EP Pro Models, life is good!

And everybody wanted to be on the EP's!

So after another great day on the mountain, we were off to the

local shop, The Crans Mountain, for a few signings and yes, you guessed

it... more beers!

Eric decided to do some improve artwork on some lucky kid's skis. Bet he will only buy LINE in the future...

After a wonderful cheese fondue, and some tasty Swiss wine, we

got a chance to kick back and reflect on what a great three days the

last ones were. Well I did anyway, unfortunately, the boys had to get

Eric back to Munich to meet the rest of his crew, Nimbus, at the

airport the next day early. Bummer! But it was wonderful to have such a

great guy, and one of the legends of skiing come hang out with us for a

while! If you ever get a chance to meet him, please don't hesitate, you

won't regret it!!

Thanks to all the people who had made this wonderful time happen,

and of course to the legend himself... thank you Eric for coming and

being a true inspiration to our sport and our lives!

L8r, Skye

A few pics and words from Eric

Sorry this has taken me so long. I've been going non-stop since the LINE trip ended, not much email access and way too much driving. 

here are some pics and words:

My euro trip guides; Korbi, Martin and Skye, I had so much fun with these guys.  LINE is holding it down in Europe with a great team, an awesome team manager and rad sales force.


Below is my chariot for the trip, Skye's LINE car and Martin's parent's transporter van. We got this ride up to a good click on the Autobaun,  so much driving in three days but i had a lot of fun skiing.

Get used to this view if you come to the Alps. 

This view is not to shabby either. I'm still in Europe now filming for En Route Webisode 2.  I love europe! I'm about to leave in a couple days and i cant wait to come back.