Before I start I just wanted to be straight with y'all and say that this IS a shameless plug for my podcast, WORLDS, not a cultured piece of journalism, however, it may be something you find interesting.

Like most of you, I love memecork, and like most of you, I didn't know who he was, and I WANTED TO KNOW.

So I sent Mr. Cork a DM, and I soon found myself on a flight to Salt Lake to go tramp with the man himself at Woodward PC.

Throughout the conversation, we talked about creating Memecork, growing up in a mountain town, dropping out of college, becoming a jack of all trades creatively, and other things.

I hope you enjoy this podcast/video, I made it for you all, the wonderful ski community.

Thanks again to Collin for having me out for the day, and thanks to you all, for being the shit.

Max Sauerbrey