D-structure is stoke to now carry Plenty Soul a core company from Whistler.

Make sure to check it out


Plenty soul apparel is happy to announce; as of the end of the month latest Plenty Soul hoodies and tee shirts will be available online and in store at http://www.d-structureqc.com

D-structure and NewSchoolers will Both carry multiple styles of hoodies is different sizes, as well as all of your favourite Plenty Soul Tall Tees, such as the Emblum Tee, Crown Tee, and Soul Tee.

If this is the first your hearing about NewSchoolers or D-Structure make sure you check out both those web sites! D-structure is #1 in core freestyle skiing shops, and newschoolers is... newschoolers... if you dont now newschoolers i feel bad for you. And check it out ASAP.

-Ben Cator