Press Release

Ally Distribution to handle U.S. and Japan distribution of White Shine.

Montréal, June 22nd, 2005 – The award-winning team at Pléhouse Films today announced that an agreement has been reached with Portland-based Ally Distribution to handle distribution for White Shine and upcoming titles for the American and Japanese markets. Pléhouse is growing every year and the team felt that it was time for a change and find a distributor that was up to par. Ally will ensure an unprecedented distribution for Pléhouse Films.

As one of the first ski film production companies to enlist Ally for its distribution, Pléhouse Films will be a key partner to their Distribution, working closely with Ally in the marketing, promotions and sales of ski titles.

“Ally’s fresh business mentality and outmost dedication to its partners is unprecedented. We couldn’t have found a better business partner.� Says Charles Boileau, producer for Pléhouse Films.

“Pléhouse is on the cutting edge of new school ski filmmaking: an insanely talented group of guys with whom I felt a solid partnership was possible. Ally is seeking to create a family of ski producers who take a hands-on approach towards the marketing and positioning of their films. It was clear from my first conversation with Charles that Pléhouse will be a great fit with Ally, helping us reach out to the ski community, grow the market, and work with their sponsors in innovative ways,� Says Kelly Dole, co-founder of Ally Distribution.

In order to uphold its reputation of having an out of the ordinary soundtrack for their films, Pléhouse has partnered with several high profile record labels to score the film with unique tracks. These associations are key to the success of our new title and we are very happy to be working with the following labels: Vice Recordings, Ninja Tune Records, Burning Heart Records and Aporia Records.

Pléhouse Films welcomes as a title sponsor of White Shine. Founded in 1999, and now boasting over 60 000 members the Montreal-based website has positioned itself as a pillar of the freeskiing community. With a common dedication to further the sport of freeskiing, it was only natural for Pléhouse and to strengthen the alliance.

Pléhouse is happy to announce that Smith Optics and Anon will also part of our project. Both companies have several skiers in the movie. Pléhouse is very pleased to be working with two of the biggest names in goggle technology.