(NOTE: Does an Instagram caption count as news? We'll see.)

That is a drawing of a super weird toilet.

It's also a heavy-handed metaphor, but surprisingly it's not meant to be a heavy-handed environmental metaphor about drought. In fact it's even more obnoxious and ridiculous than that.

That toilet is the reason I've got stupid #bemorestoked stickers on all my helmets. It's the reason I call my friends and ask them if they want to get up super early and suffer with me. It's the reason I'm about to go skiing in jeans and a fanny pack.

Chances are you're some type of outdoorsy person. That means you, like myself, have been extraordinarily blessed. You've been given the opportunity to experience this crazy world.

Heck, chances are you're blessed enough that sometimes you even get to pay insane amounts of money to ride a wire up mountains and then slide down them. That's blessed to a ridiculous extent!

So why are we complacent, judgmental, and pissy? We've literally been given the world, been told to make what we can of it. Instead we sit around whining and waiting for someone to wipe our butt so we can flush everything we've been given down the toilet.

It's part of human nature to just want to flush it all away, to just go with the flow, do what's easy. It's hard to excel, to fully grasp what we've given.

It's possible to be content without being complacent. It's possible to play in the mountains without losing sight of bigger things. It's possible to enjoy life without flushing.

So carpe some diems instead of just crapping them. I've got a seat on the chair and an extra fanny pack if you don't mind loud, out of tune singing.