words: ckoPlace Your Bets II is now underway, but first we have to congratulate our round one winner:  throw_um_big.  Mike Nick has decreed that you win twice because you correctly guessed the two of the three on the podium.  Gold Star!  Format for Round 2, the Mount Seymour Young Gun Open, is the same but this time we've broken things up by heat so that you can better see who's more likely to get to finals.  So there you go, claim your top Male and Female competitors and the first one posted to get it right wins a hoodie from the Cartel.For everyone attending the Seymour event there's word of an after-event gathering including free hotdogs, pop (soda for you Americans), and beer for all those of age (19 in BC in case you were wondering).   So even if you're not competiting make the trip and mooch off the industry we all love.  WOMENSAbramishvili, NinaChernenkoff, SashaLaliberte, catherineLee, Crystal-RoseLorriman, Alainalouwe, alisonMcIsaac, LauraOrr, LeannaSweeney, JillMEN HEAT 1Ager, charlesArnett, ClintBarbour, AdamBarbour, BenjaminBean, ErikBilodeau, stuBlake, JohnBoston, DavidBot, JoelBourquein, NickBradley, DylanBraun, MathewCampbell, OwenCasa, AndrewChavarie, KirkColes, BrianComstock, AvenCote, DavidCrane, Chasede Saint Phalle, AJDiggins, drewDodds, Scott'eDomer, GrantMEAN HEAT 2Doyle, JohnDrebit, MarkDupuis, StefanDvorak, MarkEggleston, ChrisFaller, CraigFoster, WittHarris, WesHatch, GeoffreyHaywood, GrahamHicks, EddieHill, ChrisHillier, JamesHolley, MatthewHollman, MattIsraelson, JonJohnson, KyleKelly, BrandonKenney, MikeyKitzmiller, PeterL, DavisLangley, DarrenLarsen, BenMEN HEAT 3Lislois, JeffLouwe, SimonMaclean, ShaunMaier, AlexMaras, TyMay, EvanMcginn, TylerMcKay, TomMelin, ColeMertion, MikeMitchell, BaileyNixon, SeanPoitras, YvesPool, AndrewRichardson, LowellRizzuto, NickRoberts, CoreyRoss, AustinRyan, MitchSagan, AngusSagan, AngusSchiller, ArdenMEN HEAT 4Schoening, KohlSchuster, JoeShaw, MikeSpence, TylerStrasser, MitchellTalbot, MarshallTaylor, AndrewThackray, SamTheuret, ChaseTrudell, cobyTschurtschenthaler, FranziVaykovich, ColinVisser, HunterVisser, TuckerWade, IanWarren, coreyWasiliew, RobWeale, DaveWhite, DevinWhitman, AlexWilcox, EvanWilson, LukeWiltshire, Garret