When the night was laid to rest, the morning greeted us with something that never seems to cease here at Retallack lodge...snow. 

With snow came the weather followed by the prompted push of the cliff portion of the event until tomorrow.  udging from the size of the fractures that the guides managed to pull out, I can't say we were all that disappointed. With the competition slowly slipping into a clouded coma, a back-up plan was hatched. Being skiers we naturally gravitated to the path of least resistence and for that fact, the most fun.  Our crop of talented characters spent the remaining hours of light, pillaging the forests of the newly compounded eighty centimeters of flaky delight. The afternoon was filled with numerous remarks of "run of the year", and of course smiles all around.

Highlights besides the ludicrous abundance of overhead turns, would be the show that went down at the end of the day. If you have it...use it...and that's exactly what we did with the copious volumes of cinematic and photographic professionals. It was a full on "pillow fight" and the men behind the lens had their hands full.

Sean Petit was boosting off pillows sailing through the tree tops laying true reference to an arctic Tarzan, JP gave us lessons in "Icon-ology" as he put the landing gear down on sizeable drops, Dane Tudor and CR got down and dirtier than a class of catholic schools girls on a field trip as they submarined there way through their lines...and the highlight reel just kept rolling.

I could sit here all night and tell you all about the antics of the day, but we have to be up early in the AM. Tomorrow PME "mini-golf" cliffs ...and the show goes on.