I think Wiley would agree when I say that this is the segment that changed his ski career forever. It was filming with Theory 3 media that he got to display his full potential with both front and back country bangers, he even has a 5 over pyramid gap at the end. Not only was this Wiley’s break through segment but it was a big step for Saga as well, to have an athlete getting into a film with your gear on was a huge deal and especially with some logo love in the intro! I must say that all of this was before my time but I was just like everyone else when I finished watching this segment, I immediately found the best jump spot I could and began trying to land switch in pow, the good old days. As for the “did you know,” at the 1:43 minute marker when wiley is greasing that rail he is wearing one of the first prototypes ever. It was literally a hand sewn suit constructed by Austin himself and believe it or not it fit pretty damn well for homemade. That’s about as far back as Saga goes and it still is fun to pull out the old brown suit we have stashed away and see how far this has come. Now watch the segment ya turkey!

Wiley Photoplay segment from Wiley Miller on Vimeo.

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