We do a lot of hard work, with only so much room to get creative at the paper, so when we decided we would have a food and drink supplement, I knew I would have creative lincese to go wild. We had more Toronto beer than we knew what to do with, so I got shooting and came out with quite a few interesting angles, at least more so than a stright up product shot.Going wild may be over stating one sb900, some pocketwizards and some extensions tubes. Making "ghetto-esque" lighting setups is one of the fun aspects to lighting because it pressures you to use what you know, as well as what you have to the best of your abilities.This setup included a hand full of large white printer paper to bounce the one sb900 more consitatly and give highlights to the other side.Camera: D700Lens: 50mm f1.8Extension Tube: 12mm (They have very little use, but definitely came through with this image.