First event, Philadelphia Summer Snow Day!

This year we took our Summer Snow Day on the road to Philly!

On July 16th

We hosted a rail jam on our portable drop in ramp that we built specifically for this event.

We ran the setup as a flat rail and a flat down generously on loan from The Parks At Bear Creek

Snow was delivered and we got to jammin! The day started out pretty warm and snow was melting fast.

We held some snow to replenish the setup for finals. And we got lucky with some cloud cover rolling in to slow down the melting.

It started to drizzle as soon as we wrapped up finals!

Ryan Meyer with a clean combo

We had about 40 riders come out and put on a show for the people. We provided free lunch and drinks for the riders, as well as free entry into the Summer Snow Day event.

The legend himself mr Steep Steep flew out to be on the mic announcing the rail jam

The ski podium:

3. Jackson Karas

2. Shane Earhart

1. Ryan Meyer

After finals we set up a combo rail with a flat donkey after the flat down. Handing out $200 to the first person to make it to the end of the challenge rail

Lucas slid to the end and even did a nice back 2 off

The overall Philadelphia Summer Snow Day event was a lot of fun as well! Lots of vendors out, free beer and tastings. The venue Xfinity LIVE has a mechanical bull so that was fun to watch some people get tossed. There was an artist carving an ice sculpture live. All sorts of activities.

Huge thanks to everyone that came out! And huge thanks to all the sponsors of the event! We had so much swag, I'm pretty confident every single rider and lots of people in the crowd went home with at least a couple free things. We wanted to spread out the love a little more than just the podium.

Recap of our 2nd Summer Snow Day event coming next!