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Sean Pettit closed out what many experts are predicting could be another Powder award-winning year by throwing down more hammers than a Wilt Chamberlain season in his prime. Case-in-point, just as Steve Winter was preparing to put the cherry on top of the Matchstick Productions’ sundae, Sean elected to head out to some deep and fresh not-so-light and white in Montana in mid-May to unveil an awe-inspiring SWITCH DOUBLE-CORK in pow (time for another - whaaaaaaaaaaat). That trick capped off a season that saw the still (gulp) 17-year old Pemberton, BC resident victorious at the mother of all backcountry comps, RB Cold Rush, and the Orage Masters. Sean even headed to Mammoth to throw a little park shoot on the stove with a stack of other world-class park jumpers including Simon Dumont and one Bobby Brown. The shoot was called, ?Off the Planet? and its participants have told us that it was just that!

PHOTO: Sean Pettit feeling comfy in his Mons Royale first-layer bottoms (Blake Jorgensen)