Yesterday was a lot of fun. I was just trying random stuff. Tried some boxes again after not doing any for almost 2 weeks. Hung out with my roommate and saw my friend Laura. It was lovely. Then the bikini run happened. Every year, the college conference does a bikini run from the top, down, cornice, and through main park. Great idea except we spent a lot more time in our bikinis than I had anticipated. I was scantily clad for close to 2 hours at 9,000 feet in 65 degree weather. Such a bad idea. I had sunblock on my face, and thats it. Aside from this, I decided to have a drink or 2. Not realizing how dehydrated I was, I went out skiing. Went off a jump, and went, "hmmm I may be buzzed." I go to do a box and sure enough, clip the tip of my ski on the gap and end up doing the splits on it. That was the end of the day.So I get home and take a nap. I wake up to realize I can hardly move my leg cause I pulled a muscle so bad, my entire back/neck is sunburned, my eyes are sunburnt probably cause I was so dehydrated and I have allergies like no other. So last night I sat on my bed alone wearing prescription sunglasses (my normal glasses broke and I cant put my contacts in cause my eyes are burnt) eating almost an entire thing of half baked ice cream, and watching Australia and Pineapple Express. I also drank nearly a gallon of water and had an unusual amount of used tissues next to my bed when I woke up this morning. Now the pond skim is happening cause they close down Canyon after today and I am not there because I am afraid of the sun. Thanks sun. I know it is my fault for not putting on sunblock, and drinking beer when I should have been drinking water, but this is horrible punishment for trying to enjoy the weekend. At least the sunburn will clear up before next week. I have 3 days at huntington lined up. Hopefully I wont be eaten by a shark. Fortunately I still have a solid 15 days or so of skiing. Maybe more if we stay open till July again :)