Hungry for a good park? Well you’ve come to the right place, cause this is park-heaven! Every obstacle, jump, quarterpipe, rail, you name it.. Are perfect set up. It takes some time to get used to the large jumps though. But once you’ve learned the transitions and landings, it’s all good. Picture above shows the black line in A-51, Keystone. 3 jumps in a line, stretching from 12 to 22 meters.

Second jump. Bit of a step over to step down. Perfect for sw tricks. To bad I couldn’t get enough speed for the last jump today. Lars-Håkon and Kim were killing it though!

From above. Don’t you just feel like dropping in, knowing this is the best you can ever do? I have been looking foreward to this for a year now, and every hour I have been working back home, was worth it to go over here!

Team Shred’n Breakfast. Lasse and Kim.

Mr.Stoked and Lasse. Today was superwarm, and I got to rock my sweather instead of 5 layers of clothes and a jacket. (Norwegian clothing routine at winter-time).

I have edited a few runs from today, and I will put it up here as soon as it get’s processed.