My season 2009-2010 was filled with competitions. I started out with city big airs, which went ok. I got 4th in the king of style in Stockholm. My winter kicked of with a trip to states where I was doing the dew tour qualifier and I made it through! I was super pumped, but on my second qualifying run I streched my back and it was worse than I expected. I had to take a break for a month and I didn't feel good about my skiing until the rest dew tour stops were already over. I headed back to Europe and finished up my school work. Then it was game on in Europe aswell: Austrian Open (4th), European Open (6th), Andreas Håtveit's Back yard battles (3rd), Andorra Total Fight (1st) and finally Finnish slopestyle championships (1st). Rest of my season will be filled with filming!Next summer I'm planning to head down to NZ, where I'll be participating the youth World championships in slopestyle and halfpipe and training for city big airs in Europe. Looking forward for that already!