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Interview By Slava Matveychuk

So what have you been up to lately Mr. Jarred 'Allstar' Haynes How was your fall?

I’m doing great. I spent the entire fall working on music! I created the Urban Segment which I am proud to hail as the first hip hop mixtape centered on skiing and I also created Genre which is my first official album. I was constantly writing, listening to several beats from dozens of producers and in the studio as much as possible. I also was also afforded the opportunity to go to the International Freeskiing Film Festival. It was one the greatest experiences of my life! It was a tiresome ride but one that I will always remember and look back at as the beginning of my career.

Now that the mountains are open , what's on your agenda for the next little bit? Make More Music For People ?

I’m currently working on the first installment to a new mixtape series that will be called The New Guy as well as working on music for my new album which is untitled at the moment. I’m also looking forward to hitting the slopes (be looking for a Salomon Freeski Tv episode of that).

there's been a lot of chitter-chatter online about you due to Your Music you released last week.and Website How'd that all come about?

Good or bad I am certainly enjoying the “chitter-chatter” as you put it. I’m glad people are really enjoying Genre. The website was a brain child of my good friend Greg Greco who owns Montage Clothing and can be contacted via http://www.themontagestore.com. The website is just a spinoff of my personality clean, crisp and crazy...SURE!

When will the next CD be dropping?

The next CD will be dropping in the fall of 2010 but the Urban Segment Part II will be out in April!

Outside of the site, what are you plans this winter?

I’m planning to go on a little tour. I’m willing to go anywhere and everywhere and to be honest it’s not simply about the fame I just really love music and want to share it with everyone possible. My music is personal so this winter I want to introduce everyone to who I am!

Also, a lot of people have been asking over the last little while when and if you and Symms are going to get together and do a songs. Is that going to happen?

Symms is my boy and I’m sure we’ll do a song together soon...hopefully we can make that happen for the Urban Segment Part II.

Anything you want to say to all those kids out there who look up to you and are so constantly entertained by you ?

Anyone can be a star. To be a star one has to first let their light shine! Get out there and show everyone who you genuinely are and let your talents speak for you.

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Is It True Slava Matveychuk Is Going To Be Your New Video Editer /Video Person ?

He’s a mad chill dude with incredible passion. I checked out one of his videos on his site and was highly impressed. He’s should be working on my FIRST video shortly.

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