last night I went to a concert where an artist I've been into lately was playing.  He goes by the name sixtoo, and is off of the coveted record label Ninja Tunes based out of good old montreal.   The picture at the top is sixtoo and Damo Suzuki (sixtoo is the guy on the left at the machines)Pretty cool concert... I didn't like the other acts that played, but sixtoo put on a good show with one of his compariots under the name "Megazord" or something like that.  I think sixtoo is generally described as instrumental hip hop?   Something like that... anyways it was a good time.  I've been trying to go to concerts more lately to support the artists that I steal music from.   'Cause really what did I do the first time I happened to see this guy?  I went home and downloaded all of his music.   I talk about how I love this record label Ninja Tunes, but I've never contributed a single dollar to their cause.   Well They've got my concert ticket money... but I've never bought an album.  What was I to do?   After the show sixtoo was standing quite close to me, and we weren't feeling the band playing after... so it was time to leave.   I simply walked up to him, and handed him $10 in cash.   I put it in his hand and said "Hey man, good show.   Take this, I'm really sorry I downloaded a bunch of your music.   I know its not much but its all I've got right now."   He was absolutely blown away calling to his buddies "Did you see that?"  He also mentioned that nobody had ever done that before.  Feeling really good about myself right now for that one, I won't lie.  I probably should have given him more, but I just didn't have the cash on me.  Oh well... at least it was something. So if you steal music, and find yourself at a concert maybe hit your favorite artist with some drinking money for the evening.   I'm sure they'd appreciate it!  Plus this way you know its 100% profit for them.