Watch This Video First:

Keith Olbermann, shows great anger against what George Bush is saying about blaming the past four administrations for the events of 9/11. It is totally redicoulous to say that the Clinton administration had been playing out the Monica Lewinski scandal to cover up any ideas of terrorism in america. This coming after Clinton had admitted to gving all the information he knew about terrorism. It does not seem fair to pass the blame on to other presidents even when Bush, our current president and president on September 11th denies he had anything to do with the attacks. Even as the esteemed keith had stated that President Bush acted as a young child would it is pretty factual, when we were all young children we used to pass the blame on to other kids when we did something wrong, and had a hard time blaming ourselves.

Does Bush Really need to grow up. It seems as though the leader of america is 5ive years old.

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