We’ve teamed up again with SagaFam member Wiley Miller to bring you the second installment of the Partied Out Contest, presented by Saga Outerwear. This contest is the ultimate free-for-all and starts right now. Read the full contest rules and regulations below for entry details (READ IT). And let’s make sure we all play fair, but I know that can be hard when a Wiley Milly Pro-Model jacket and a full grip of Saga Accessories are on the line. Contest ends Wednesday November 16th @ 12:00pm(MST). Have at it!

The Rules Are…- The key to winning is getting as many people as you can to put your full name in the comments below the facebook post, located on the Wiley Miller facebook fan page.- You can only post your name in the facebook comments one time.- Anybody else that posts or refers your name in the comments can only do so one time. (Moms, dads, grandparents, ex-girlfriends, it all works)- Don?t bend or break the rules or you are eliminated. Let?s be fair.Maybe try bribing your friends with some of your winnings to get them to post, or just go door to door and manually sign people up via their facebook accounts.