I've been really intrigued lately by the idea of illustrated panoramas. There's something about scrolling across a wide piece of art, packed with details that I find really enjoyable. So here's a little view from the parking lot. There's no real story here, like my normal comics, instead there's the potential for a myriad of stories to start and end here. What's the snowboarder in the truck going to go ride tomorrow? Where did the folks in the camper get that avy sign?

The peaks in the background have no geographical bearing on each other, they're just mountains that have caught my imagination at various points in my life. Can you name all of them?

I've put together a folder of full-res versions of all the panorama pieces I've done for download. Use 'em as your desktop background on your wall of moniters, or print them to put them on your wall, or whatever, I don't care!

Here's the link to download all those panoramas!