In a world where even hollywood is out of ideas, it is incredibly refreshing to see an app like Panhandler on the horizon.

The Pandhandler App uses state of the art mapping technology, integrated with advanced, yet easy to use software. The app allows users to select a location near them as a base to panhandle all while remaining in the comfort of their own home. The icons they place on the map, will not only show up to other users of the app, but also most of the new mainstream map updates including google maps and several in car and mobile gps systems.

Have you ever wished you could drive around the city without seeing grimy people begging for money at every stop? Panhandler is the answer! The Panhandler App will remove these undesirables from the streets without infringing on their rights to beg for handouts. Now instead of spending the day working the traffic lights for money, Panhandler users can spend that time at home watching movies or out scoring drugs.

Another great aspect of the Panhandler App is empowering young people to seek out money from strangers rather than wasting their lives working dead end jobs. As most of us know, the traditional route of working a 9 to 5 makes it impossible to spend all day doing what you want. Jobs are meant to stifle the carefree way of living and force us to slave away for the corporations. Instead of traveling the world, and expanding our horizons, jobs lock us down to a location and a horridly boring, predictable work schedule.

The full time job might finally be a thing of the past. Our parents and society who have tried to push us down that route, while well meaning, were fairly misguided. Gone are the days of accepting a menial wage for hard labor. Us millennials have begun to put our heads together, and blaze a new trail for the youth of the future.

So mark you calenders, because the Panhandler App will not only change the way people beg for money, it might just change the world!