This is for university/college students mostly. You know how every year you have to drop a ton of cash on books for your classes? Pretty shitty. I fell for it first year but i did manage to smarten up and grab a few books off the net and saved a ton of cash.

So i did that this year (buying books off the net). Saved a wack of cash and felt good. I still only read 1/5 of the books cover to cover but i still the other 4/5 for skimming.

I just found out today that all my profs have all the texts on reserve at the library! for free...fucking sweet eh. So at that start of the year, check the library reserves and see if there are your textbooks on reserve and save even more cash for beer by not buying certian books.

Im still buying ones that have to do with my major but this is a sweet deal so I thought i'd share it for those that didnt know (like me).