We went to Blue Mountain on a four day ski trip and on the thursday of our trip we were in the park and saw this guy holding a pole through his leg (so we thought) we then hit the jump line and went up again and then say six ski patrol standing beside him. we thought we might go see what was up so we skied near him but not to close to make him feel like he was being watched (it was right under a 6 person chair lift) when we looked at him it was not through his leg but in between his legs! The story is he was snowboarding down the rail line and hit a skier, the skiers pole went through his ball sac and out the other side. Around ten inches and the whole basket went through his ball sac without hitting his testicles. Then the park staff member came and had metal clippers and cut both sides of the pole off and then making the snowboarder able to go into the ski patrols sled. he went down and was shipped off to the hospital, with his girlfriend by his side!!Will have videos up - none are close ups but just have the ski patrol and ambulance around