Everyone come out April 14th (it is a saturday, the last saturday of the season) to Park City to hang with friends, slosh around in the slush and eat some dawgs.Some hot dawgs. There will be a DJ, a little schwag to hand out and just a day to have fun! I wanted to do something for everyone, ski and board, that has held on this winter with the "wonderful" low snowpack we have had. This will be a great way to end the season, a get together for everyone that wants a dog, some music and a little slush.April 14thLocated in Kings Crown Terrain Park with the backup location being Jonesys Terrain Park if the snow goes quickly and the Crown gets shut down. 10AM until we get kicked off the mountain.If you would like to donate drinks, or you are with a company that would like to add to the small pile of schwag, or would like to present your company in the form of a tent, product and/or athletes, please email Mike Eddington at admin@mikeeddington.comThank You Everyone! Lets make this a kick ass party to end the year.