Faction Rider PC Fosse has been keeping himself entertained in Norway whilst waiting for the parks to open.  Trying to find something new and interesting to do, they came up with this idea:

According to PC the session panned out as follows:

“We built the landing first, then found an old rail we wanted to try again, but this time, to use it as a launch rail, it took us a day to finish the set up and then we had to find snow.  Taking a tractor, we picked up two big trailers worth of snow at the hockey hall, 15 mins away.  After getting the snow sorted on the landing and in run, I was pretty scared to hit it, because of the long rail and scary gap.”

“We talked about getting towed in by a KTM bike, which we had never tried, but you have to start somewhere.  So I got towed in by the bike, and was gaping the set up without hitting the rail.  It worked really well, so I tried the rail and it was super FUN!! Doing some Misty 450 off, and 630′s and so on”

Autumn Rail

The plan for next time is to move the landing further away, so I can try bigger tricks, and not land at the bottom of the landing everytime, like in this session.