Words & photos by Jeff Schmuck

Following three months of worldwide premieres and too many stoked fans to count, Poor Boyz Productions capped off their Triple Threat Tour in style this past weekend by hosting a VIP premiere at a private mansion in Hollywood, California.

PBP's Cody Carter, Duncan Lake, Mike Henitiuk, Dylan Malone, Johnny Decesare, Charlie Grinnell and Tyler Hamlet

The weekend's dapper festivities kicked off on Thursday as members of the Poor Boyz staff and athletes including Jossi Wells, Mike Henitiuk, Nick Martini and Alexis Godbout flew into Los Angeles and visited the brand new PBP office in nearby Hermosa Beach. After checking out the cozy new digs, some of the crew ventured into Hollywood to get warmed up for the following night's premiere at a Skullcandy party for the launch of Mix Master Mike's new headphone.

Skullcandy Mix Master Mike headphone launch party the night before the premiere.

The loud and flashy event, held at a club called My House at the start of the Hollowood Walk of Fame, featured performances by Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, beat box legend Rahzel, and of course Mix Master Mike himself as the skiers rubbed shoulders with celebrities, paving the way for a fun-filled and somewhat surreal weekend ahead.

Jossi Wells

Mix Master Mike

The next day more athletes and industry types arrived, and following some afternoon shenanigans at the PBP office boarded a limousine bus that charioted everyone towards the premiere venue in Hollywood Hills, a 10,000 square foot mansion high above the City of Angels, complete with a magnificent view that did its best to put the house’s current price tag of nine million dollars into perspective.

Tyler Hamlet

Charlie Grinnell, Will Start, Tyler Hamlet and Duncan Lake

Alexis Godbout, Mike Henitiuk and Dylan Malone

Nick Martini and his lovely girlfriend

Nate Abbott

The Mansion


After some drinks, schmoozing and more drinks on the patio, everyone made their way into the nightclub within the house, which was pimped out with a full bar, dance floor and theatre in which the PBP crew premiered Revolver for the last time.

Flanked by the athletes in attendance, Poor Boyz Productions’ Johnny Decesare, Tyler Hamlet and Cody Carter introduced the film, which flabbergasted the unusually attentive Hollywood crowd, who cheered at the top of their lungs for the astounding images of skiing that most were more than unaccustomed to seeing.

Following the film the party kicked into overdrive until the wee hours of the morning, lead by Jossi Wells, who to no one’s surprise quickly initiated an animated dance party that would make Usher jealous. The remainder of the evening then became as hazy as the iconic Hollywood sign in the distance, so I’ll go ahead and let the photos do the rest of the talking…

Alexis Godbout, Cody Carter and Mike Henitiuk

Jossi Wells and Nate Abbott

Johnny Decesare and his wife Sandra

After 75+ premieres that helped skiers all over the world get that much more excited to click into their skis at all of the resorts currently open for business, PBP has once again hit a grand slam with their Triple Threat Tour, and ended it on a much higher note than ever before.

Jossi Wells, Tyler Hamlet and Nick Martini

Thanks to everyone at Poor Boyz for the great times this weekend and at all of the other premieres they put on this fall. Now get out there and go skiing.