It has been announced, Dan Carr and I have graced the cover of a Poor Boyz DVD.  This cover is full of action, there are a bunch of photos, but that is me in the center doing a rodeo in the middle of an AK line.

A big thanks to Tyler Hamlet and Jonny Decesare at Poor Boyz for choosing my picture.  Also Dan Carr did an amazing job with his telephoto lens, he had to be nearly half a mile away when he shot this, for more “technical Info” on this and other shots, check out his blog.

If you want to Pre-order Revolver

Revolver, the 2010 film from Poor Boyz Productions, presented by Salomon focuses on the progression and the factors that have coincided with many great advancements of the sport of skiing. (Over the last decade skiing has exploded into what we know it is today. But skiing has had many trying moments long before the end of the 20th century.) This season Poor Boyz Productions plans to showcase today?s raw talents of skiing in a high action, retrospective, yet progressive look at what things are pushing the sport today.

Featured Athletes:

Simon Dumont, Tim Durtschi, Dane Tudor, Sammy Carlson, Jossi Wells, Charley Ager, JP Auclair, Bene Mayr, Andreas Hatveit, Pep Fujas, TJ Schiller, Charles Gagnier, Riley Leboe, Matt Walker, Mike Henitiuk, LJ Strenio, Julien Regnier, Josh Stack, Alexis Godbout, John Spriggs, Nick Martini, Brandon Kelly & Leigh Powis


On Location in British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Quebec, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Norway, Austria, Japan, France, Alberta & more


Salomon, Red Bull, Oakley, Nike 6.0, Giro, Atomic, Pull In, DaKine, K2 Skis, Skullcandy, & Kicker.

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