A few days of sun in March means that the parks at T-Line are ripe for the picking. Hard-working photog Drew Smalley (http://www.dsimagery.com) contributed some shots for this update. Check out his recent shots from Timberline, Government Camp and Hood backcountry, they're sick!

Drew Stew on Francis the down-flat-down

Drew on Paintbrush 2nd jump

Jake Southard

Shawn Craddick and his picture-perfect rodeo

Craddick over the barrell

Thanks for the shots Drew!

If you like jumps, you'll like the Paintbrush three-line. (Ethan Stone photos)

Drew Stew 7 reverse mute on floaty Paintbrush jump 3

Hood River kids killing it

Sammy C has been dropping by and apparently enjoys spotting Paintbrush landings...

You could keep watching these updates... or you could come and see for yourself! http://www.timberlinelodge.com