A small ski area near Centralia PA has vowed that it will be 100% coal by 2022. While most resorts are pledging to go green, Patriot Hills Ski Resort has decided to go black. Black as night, black as coal.

You might remember when Patriot Hills came under fire 2 years ago after switching to running nearly 100% fracking water for their snowmaking system. When the water is sprayed into the air, some of the toxic chemicals move to gas forum, which helps the snow freeze at a higher temperature but also releases some chemicals into the air as well as running into streams during spring melt. The mountain paid for their 2 new snowcats with the money they received for "disposing" of the toxic water.

"We've been seeing a trend of turning mountains into lean green liberal machines. We want to keep raw energy in the industry. Hell, we race dirtbikes here all summer long. You won't see no windmills or solar panels here. Coal is king, coal is jobs, coal is America" Clyde Griffith.

Clyde also mentioned a brand new terrain park and kids adventure zone. The "Pick Axe Terrain Park" will be a medium/large park with mine themed features and a kids adventure zone highlighting the regions rich coal mining history as well as the inferiority of solar and wind energy. Clyde hopes that both parks will be open in full swing by the end of December.

For every 2019-2020 pass purchased Patriot Hills will cut one tree toward clearing new trails and donate $5 towards a coal mining operation of your choice.