Somehow the rain stayed away while over 30,000 people partied at Snowjam in Ottawa, Ontario this weekend. With dozens of professional skiers, snowboarders, skaters, bmxers, and more 14 year old girls than you can shake a stick at, the weekend was a huge success. was there to capture the excitement in its entirety. Seeing as all of our coverage so far has been strictly skiing-based, we decided to stray a little from the norm and give you a video of the highlights from each event.

The video includes clips from the skateboarding street session, flatland bmx, skiing, snowboarding, and some of the heavily attended concerts.

Skiing Results:

1. Rex Thomas

2. Jordan Monk

3. Dave Crichton

Highlights of the weekend: Swollen Members' one minute, eighteen second freestyle

Dropkick Murphys getting the huge crowd to walk around in circles

Two snowboarders hitting the quarter at the same time and colliding in mid air

Scott Hibbert hitting the quarter twice on a snowskate (and eating it both times)

Mauro Nunez trying a switch front on the quarter

Treble Charger getting Justin Lamoureux to strip on stage for some girl

Low Res Video (2.7 megs)

Medium Res Video (4.3 megs)

High Res Video (14 megs)