Swedish team rider, Oskar Pedersen, has had a ridiculously busy early season, all beginning in Salen filming with EatIce TV:

Following this, Oskar headed to Oslo to Vintersportsmasso – a big trade fair, with an indoor big air comp, where Oskar finished 3rd in the best trick contest.

Then he headed to Hemsedal to start shooting for the new Chaoz Productions Movie, doing some urban shots.  Whilst there Oskar judged the Hemsedal Junior Park Attack, giving  a bit of insight into creating good park runs for competition.

Back home to Sweden, and still no rest, shooting some street shots with photographer, Erik Carlsen, check out some of Erik’s work on his cool blog: Erik Carlsen here is a sneak peak of his photos, stolen from his blog…. sorry Erik, but you should check out the rest:

Tomorrow Oskar, is off to Are for the Ski Testing Festival, so you can head there and check out Faction skis – and see Oskar checking out the park.  Then, off to do a show and shoot with Chaoz Productions and SB in Nesbyen, with lots planned including one of the best motocross riders in Sweden, sounds pretty interesting… check back here to find out what happens.

Makes us feel a little lazy back here in the office, not only that, here are a couple of photos of Oskar from Norwegian Ski Community site: Friflyt.no:

Oskar Pedersen. Photo: Kalle Hagglund

Oskar Pedersen. Photo: Kalle Hagglund