Words and photos: Jeff KingOn Saturday, February 24th, one of

Ontario's best parks hosted the Orage Pros and Powder tour at Mount St.

Louis Moonstone. Great weather along with an awesome park setup greeted

the crowd of young skiers made up almost entirely of NS members.

Despite the facts that Orage's shipment of prizes and gear failed to

make it into the country and TJ Schiller had to stay at home to take

care of an ankle injury sustained only a few days earlier, tour

organizer, operator, MC, and one-man army Cody Lynge was determined to

make sure everyone had a great time. Orage pro Craig Coker also somehow

managed to make it across the border for his first visit to the great

white north. As the lone pro for the day, he was on a mission to make

sure everyone in attendance was as stoked as he was to be skiing.

Craig Coker (far Left) along with the Righteous Riders crew posed with some fresh t-shirts before things got rolling.With

some free shwag to give away, Cody got on the mic to announce a couple

of sessions throughout the day to determine the winners of Orage

jackets and Anon goggles. In between contests Craig was making sure he

met everyone in attendence while participating in the ongoing trains

that were consistently lapping the park.

The crowd gathers above the first rail section.
The outback quad is a reasonably short ride back to the top.
Craig found time in between memorizing everyone's name to pose for a picture on the flat box.
Scott ThuroskiThe

rail jam went down on a 45 foot long flat bar at the bottom of the

park. A tough rail to clean to the end and much harder if you chose to

spin on. The half-hour session produced many valiant attempts and near

misses but the rail was thankfully only two feet off the snow, so

everyone skied away intact. In the end, one of the few people in

attendance even capable of growing facial hair used his rail experience

to make a switch lip 270 stick and put his order in with Orage for a

new jacket.

Sandy Boville mid 270
Mark Hunt took home some bills for his rail efforts on the 45-foot flat bar.
AJ Delong won a new Orage jacket for winning the rail session with a switch lip 270.During

lunch, Craig Coker made a stop at the bank of MSLM, withdrawing some

five-dollar bills to hand out and keep the stoke fires burning. Due to

some shipping issues this particular stop of the Pros and Powder tour

was a little more grassroots than planned so some prizes needed to be

improvised, so Craig Coker heroically put down the plastic and made it

happen. The second session of the day went down midway through the park

on the unique butter pad step-down jump. Cody and Craig took their

judging positions on the dfd rail while the paparazzi assembled around

the deck of the jump. The contest quickly evolved into a most unique

trick contest with weird grabs, team jumps, high fives, and spread

eagles galore. The pictures can say more than I can from this point on

so I'll let them do the talking. Sandy Boville won the session and a

new Orage jacket of his choice.

i8van along with Makaio taking part in the rail train leading in to the butter pad jump.
After the rail set it was onto the butter pad and off this step down. Skier Ian Thuroski.
little man Scott Thuroski
AJ Delong put in his best effort to walk away with his 2nd Orage jacket on this misty 5 attempt off the butter box
Photo: Ben Ricetto
Sandy's zero spin truck driver made a mysterious beeping noise.
If syncronized swimming is an Olympic sport....
High five!
$5 bills for everyone. NS members: 4ss4ssin, i8van, timmi
I would ski no poles, but then again I couldn't sword fight! Now

for more photos from the rest of the day. Thanks to Cody Lynge from

Orage and Craig Coker for making it a great day. As Craig said, "It's

pretty hard not to keep people stoked on a day like this."

i8van off the money booter, using cash earned from winning the Rossignol Create-it contest.
if Craig Coker was your pet cat you could call him Mittens.
Newschoolers unofficial official gathering point.
Skier unknown
Craig Coker's skeletor inspired bandana
NS stickers being put to good use
everyone let Craig go first
unknown skier on the down flat down. Photo: Ben Ricetto
ninety-five $5 bills ready to distribute... sounds like money laundering to me.
High five! Now here's some fives.
High five! the 3 man syncro team had to split their money up evenly, someone got screwed.
fives for "50"... count it, it's all there.
Ian Thuroski took home some fives and a sweet pair of Anon snake skin goggles for his overall performance.
Overall winner for the day Sandy Boville, loaded with 20 fives, and a new Orage jacket coming soon.
about 92 five dollar bills lighter