The sun was shining on down for the option quarter pipe showdown today at the

Snow Park NZ. After a snowy start, the 48 snowboarders and 20 skiers in the

competition warmed up into a sunny afternoon for the finals judged by a panel

of Wanaka and Queenstown's 'local legends'.

The showdown really began for the finals when favourite tricks were pulled

out of 'the hat' and then battled out between the top three competitors in each

division. Women's boarder finalists threw some impressive acrobatic Mc Twists

and Rodeos, with Abbey Lockhart taking out the title.

Ranges of comprehensive tricks were shown by the skiers, including technical

switch airs pulled in the women's division to massive 20ft airs which US Professional

Mike Wilson was unable to land, but definitely one of the highlights for the

crowd. The title was taken out by local rider Josse Wells in the men's, and

Swedish Skier Marta Ahrenstedt in the women's.

The men's snowboarding title was fiercely contested, and tricks ranged from

massive air to fakies, a mixture of frontside seven rotations, and 'heave ho'

tricks. After witnessing an amazing spectacle the title was given to Jah Harris,

Snow Park team rider. A total prize pool of $2000 cash was given out with the

winners of each division happily taking home with them $300 cash each.

Mens Snowboarding:

1st: Jah Harris, Wanaka 22 yrs

2nd: Tim Jackways, Wanaka 24 yrs

3rd: Matto Smith, Wanaka 26 yrs

Mens Skiing:

1st: Josse Wells, Wanaka 14 yrs

2nd: Brad Prosser, Wanaka 21 yrs

3rd: Tom Dunbar, Wanaka 23 yrs

Womens Snowboarding:

1st: Abbey Lockhart, Wanaka 22 yrs

2nd: Yukiko Kohara, Japan 24 yrs

3rd: Yuki Furihata, Japan 23 yrs


1st: $300 cash

2nd: $150 cash

3rd: $50 cash + electric goggles.

All spectators and competitors enjoyed the fun jam styled event with loads

of option and electric spot prizes received for outstanding tricks throughout

the day.


Tim Jackways, huge and lofty air to fakie. Snow Park NZ Photo: Dillon Ryan

Marta Ahrenstedt receiving her first place $300 cash prize Snow Park NZ.

Photo: Dillon Ryan