We opened the Silverlode chair yesterday, loading up 4 of our oldest passholders on it for the inaugural ride - these four guys had 220 years of skiing at Red between them... talk about dedication to the mountain and the sport.

Anyway, now that Silverlode is open, the stage is set for the whole mountain to possibly open on Friday if we get enough snow. The forecast looks excellent, so it would be easy for it to happen.

The park has some changes for this year, and some of you have already seen one of them in particular - our monster booter.

Measuring about 100 feet long and 60 feet wide, this booter is world-class in itself and will be ready as soon as we get enough snow. We're also setting up a boarder/skiercross course that will open in March and are installing a sound system for this year. There will also be new rails, but that will be kept a surprise for when we open the park. Jordan Barca is our park manager this year and is the brains behind the operation. We'll be hearing from him as he builds up the park.

Side view of the new big table.

Top view of the new big table.

Your welcome Red Mountain.

Love Jeff