Wow. After about 9 months of waiting, the time has come. I can finally snap up the Dalbello boots, click on the new Volkl skis, and hit the slopes. In two days, (Friday December 10th) Boston Mills is opening up. Since this is Ohio, the weather is always unpredictable. So on this site I've seen resorts open up at the beginning of November! That's just insane because we don't get snow until about the end of November. Mother Nature answered my prayers though with a pretty big snowstorm these past few days. Anyways, at Boston Mills, there's a very short vertical, and the slopes are very short (compared to what else I've skied). But hey, I'm not complaining because I basically live there over the winter. Too bad Brandywine isn't open though, because that's where all the main freestyle terrain is. Oh well, I can wait for that.Happy Skiing!-TheShealyWord