So, unless you've been living under a rock, you already know about some of the craziness that went down at this year's One Hit Wonder, now in its 8th year, out of Thredbo Australia. Young buck Alex Hall took out the win with a switch triple cork 18, that has since melted minds all over the world, but there were also several other stand out tricks and riders who made the most of the 110ft monster booter.

Riders List:

Alex Hall- 1st

Birk Rudd- 2nd

Fabian Boesch- 3rd

Dean Bercovitch- 4th

Noah Morrison- 5th

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand- 6th

Klaus Finne- 7th

Kai Mahler- 8th

Jonas Hunziker- 9th

Evan McEachran- 10th

Alex Bellemare- 11th

Ryley Lucas- 12th

Thomas Waddell- 13th

Enzo Scotto- 14th

Jaime Melton- 15th

Victor White- 16th

Cameron Waddell- 17th

Weather was temperamental during the week, ending with enough rain to completely destroy the jump, meaning cancellation of the Game Show competition. The winds were too high for the riders to even hit the big jump on practice day, meaning the athletes got about an hour and a half of practice before qualifiers on the day. Despite these handicaps, the boys still absolutely sent it!

Things I witnessed with my eye balls:

-Birk Rudd sent a switch triple cork 16

-Fabian Boesch threw a triple 16 and a triple backflip

-ABM did a floaty dub 7 cossack and triple 10

-Dean Bercovitch did a dub variation like a cork 3 to cork 9, safety to blunt.

-Noah Morrison hucked a dub 10 so hard he lost a ski

Things I learned:

-Alex Bellemare really likes sausage sandwiches

-Evan McEachran sucks at beer pong

-Alex Hall has super ticklish armpits

-Thomas Waddell looks devilishly handsome in budgie smugglers

1st- Alex Hall]

2nd- Birk Rudd

3rd- Fabian Boesch

If you were watching the Insta story on the @onehitwonderdu page, and the NS snapchat, then you pretty much saw every practice run and finals run, I'm just sorry I couldn't get the landing in there for you guys! Here is the OHW official recap edit, check it out and get hyped!

***all photos by Rachel Bock @b0ckmeister