This past Thursday Brighton Resort hit the switch to the lifts and opened up a few runs so the people of SLC could release our pre-winter angst (almost didn’t make it through fall). A couple lift tickets and a free cup of hot chocolate later Tyler Barnes, Nicky Keefer and myself were in line and ready to put down some turns on the fresh corduroy that awaited. With top to bottom shredding and a few mellow park features we had gotten what we came for, the rest is history. A huge thanks to the resort in making the effort to open, also Mike and Jared for helping us get setup. If your in the area, GET OUT THERE and stretch them legs, winter is here.

This is the second season in a row I have seen Creighton on opening day and last season, so i’m going to consider this a good luck charm.
Be out there soon.
I had to take a walk over and check out all the steel waiting to be setup. The only thing I can say is, the park crew is on one this season but you will just have to go there to check them out for yourself.
After a fun opening day with the Fam it was time to take a seat and enjoy a day well spent.
A quick short from Brighton opening day, see you out there!