When night falls the chaos in the street ends

Before the winter came to the states I made a trip to China. Visiting China has become a semi-annual thing for us at Saga and through various trips I have now spent a fair bit of time in the beautiful country.  Besides the usual adventures and exploring the purpose of this trip was quality management and new product development.

Our factory entrance looks like a big deal

Every production season we begin a set of quality management tasks.  From early stages of lab testing materials, to pre production inspections, quality control, mid production through final approval, we are on site.  Our theme moving forward is quality and specialization and we believe the strength of this year?s Anomie line makes that recognizable.

Inside-out inspections. Check.

Before the liner, 3L Seam seal inspections. 100%. Check.

The Lobster. Check.

This manufacturing season was different in a few respects.  One thing that was unique this year was that a few workers and employees at our factory showed interest in how much they like our outerwear. Perhaps for some of them it was a nice change of pace to produce something a little different from the normal, bland assembly. Whatever it may be I saw some of the stickers I gave out popping up a few places. Some employees even put their own jackets under the heat press to transfer the Saga logo on to their jackets. This made me realize that we are going to have to hook up some gear to the people at our factory for all their hard work.

The most satisfaction always comes after seeing the final stages of finishing & packaging as this is when the year?s work is finally hang tagged, folded and bagged.  I can speak for all of us when I say that we share the same excitement when it comes time to open a Saga bag and remove the Saga hang tag. But I?m not going to spoil it because you will experience it soon enough.

Team rack

2L vest over a 3L jacket? Why not?

In order to streamline shipments from our manufacturer, freight was shipped to us in two disbursements. We are still on schedule to ship by November 30th. That being said we do expect our first shipment to arrive later next week with our 2nd and final shipment to arrive in the coming weeks. We plan to begin shipping a portion of pre-orders by next Friday.  If your order does not ship out in this first batch please know we are still following our original shipping schedule to have all orders out by November 30th.  All shipments going out will be based on the order placed along with the sizes and colors that arrive to us first.  We will be operating around the clock to get outerwear heading your direction. Please stay tuned as we will have more updates to come.

This is a big year for Saga and we want to recognize and thank all the dedicated people that along the way have connected with the brand and support the gear we make.

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