Awesome friend of Windells (and one of the riders taking over Session 7 next summer!), Nial went on a film trip to log some hammers for Think Thank in Duluth, Minnesota a few weeks ago. The trip was a collaborative one between a crew of friends, coming from MN and Tahoe, who were all logging shots for different videos, but wanted to film together. Nial was joined by Durell Williams, Viktor Simco, Sammy Spiteri, and filmer Paul Heran. Nial is a Minnesota local, originally from Hibbing, which is not too far from Duluth. Nial gave us a glimpse into life on the road with some iphone pictures. Check out the sneak peak, but to see the boarding, you’re going to have to wait for Think Thank’s new movie, “Mind the Video Man” to come out next fall!

That is from the top of the hill in Duluth looking down at the Harbor. The bridge in the middle is a drawbridge to let huge ships in that carry tons of food and iron ore and stuff. They travel to Duluth through all the lock systems to get to Minnesota from around the world. One of the main reasons to go to Duluth, it’s kind of a tourist trap, like Canal Park is cool, but in the fall, the leaves changing is so awesome, the scenery is crazy.


This was our crew going to Damage and saying what up to some old friends. From left to right, Ben (owns Damage), Durell, Viktor, Nial, and Sammy. I used to go to this shop when I was a kid and buy all my stuff there. The Damage staff helped us out with tuning our boards, too. Thanks Ben!

I’m setting up a spot and just packing the snow for a pump bump. A bump pump, if you don’t know, is a thing you use to get more speed for a feature.


Snowboarding makes you hungry. Hot ‘n Readies from Little Caesar’s keep you going when you’re filming for a long time.

We were driving around, looking for spots when we saw this snow sculpture. Pretty cool.

The group needed to takea  break from the intensity of filming, so we hit up Mount du Lac for a night. It a small resort south of Duluth that has one rope tow and one lift. It was my first time there, it was pretty cool.

I got sick three quarters of the way through the trip and this was my way to try and boost energy on the road and try to get healthy. Even though it’s just Campbell’s soup, you got to do what you can on the road!

Here we are chilling in the hotel room, about ready to go out and film. Me and Durell both got ready to film and then realized we were wearing the same sweatshirt. Once we realized it, we both just had to sit down and ponder what to do next.


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