Our good friend, Dylan Thompson just checked in from the road and sent over a bunch of cool photos from his recent adventures. He’s been all over the place: snowboarding in Japan, surfing in California, supercross in Utah (watching, of course!), all the while logging clips for his movie part this year and having fun shredding at home at Park City. Here’s the low down from the man himself.

It was a rough year for snow in Utah.  Normally we spend a solid month or two filming around Salt Lake City and in the mountains. This year, the only chance to film was to go somewhere on a trip. When we were at home in Salt Lake, we spent a lot of time shredding park at Park City. Here is a front board on the stair set Cole Taylor shot with his iPhone.

I recently took a trip out to japan. If you have never been out there, that place is amazing.  I was out there last year during the earthquake and this was my first trip back. It was awesome to see how they were recovering from the disaster a year later. The mountains in Japan are pretty crazy, as well. It’s looks like you’re in Alaska or something. The resort was really cool and had all kinds of crazy pillows and features like I had never seen in the states, that place is pretty cool!  Definitely somewhere worth checking out, if you ever get the chance.


When I was over in Japan, I had to leave before the rest of the crew, so I spent my last day navigating the Japanese train systems back into Tokyo and to the airport. It was an experience and also really easy.  I was worried I would get lost so I gave myself some extra time and got to the airport 4 hours too early. Those bullet trains really go fast!


This is me and Ben [Bilodeau] after a long day of filming in Utah.  There wasn’t a ton of snow, so trying to do anything takes a lot of shoveling, and this day was no exception. We spent two days building and sessioning one spot, then we rolled to a second spot, where luckily some homies had already sessioned and it was mostly set up.  In the photo we had just got done with the second session and were both exhausted, but stoked that we were able to get clips.


Last week I got to go check out the supercross in Salt Lake City thanks to Monster Energy.  It was an awesome time, those moto dudes are gnarly and put on quite a show.  It was a nice little break from filming.


I just got back from mammoth for the West Coast Invitational. It was a good time shredding the park with the boys.  I didn’t do the contest, because they changed it to a big air this year. The best part of it all for me, was meeting up in Encinitas. This allowed us a day at the beach before heading up north. Here is me and Chris Grenier about to paddle out for that sunset surf sesh.

On the way too and from Mammoth we cruised on the monster tour bus.  It was pretty amazing.  That thing is proper, in fact our driver, uncle Carl told us he had driven all kinds of rockstars and rappers on the very bus including lil Wayne.  Needless to say we had a great time on the way up there and back. Here are Littlest, Chris and I enjoying the ride.

For more from Dylan, check out some of his sponsors: Technine, Neff, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, JSLV, Electric, Brighton, and Monster Energy.


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