I can't remember the last time I had so much fun in a city named after a guy who sang about sunshine on his shoulders and the rainbow connection with Kermit. Dope restraunts, Real hood kids (I'm from Utah Wallisch is about as hood as it gets there.) and cool kids to shred with. the first two days were pretty slow just a few kids coming and getting used to the rig, but practice made perfect as Robin Nollied his way into first place after two days of getting his ultra post sliding bang on. Casey Williams came in at a close second with front swap pretzel 2's out, and Spencer Keirnes Picked up U-15 best trick with switch on 2 out of the fish. it was a genuinely rad group of kids that came out. Hopefully the Twin cities has more of the same.

Tommy ( the green and white Powder ranger all mixed into one) practicing his ninja kicks before he flies off in his robozord, or it might be anthony forgetting he has two bindings again on the roller coaster.
Some of the Denver Crew getting ready to drop.
Me trying to match Spencers rail riding stare down abilities while going for the variation of the MJ ball grab, I had the Cholo hitting on the fat white girl and a dumb look on his face going for me. I call it the Mickey Avalon. Thanks to Grace Kiernes for all of the photos. we will have a video of all of the expos in a couple days so please check back.Now that Denver is done and gone off the check list of our last events for this year. We rolled into Minneapolis last night, while there are a few places open it looks like We might have the most rails set up at one riding location in the Twin Cities area. Mike and myself wanted to spice things up so we are going to take $200 bucks out of the ATM and over the next two days give out a cash prize of $50 bucks a day to best trick thrown down skier and boarder, cash in your hand you walk out the door with, not bad for being a free contest I feel. of course on Sunday there will be a normal free evolution tour event where winners qualify to compete for a pro contract in Las Vegas NV at SIA. Come check it out at the Minneapolis expo center all day Friday Saturday and Sunday Session all day for free, bring your gear and your helmets and come session rails with mike and I, two kids who pretend to be pro skiers to pick up chicks.