Press Release


I launched Sublux Clothing back in August of 2003 as a side project to my other jobs - photo editing and writing for Freeskier Magazine and cinematography for Poor Boyz Productions. I wanted to see what I could do creatively on my own – what kind of team of athletes would rally around a business project and what kind of Ts, hoodies and headwear we could come up with. I wanted to add to the creativity that was going on in the sport.

The first year was fun as hell and everything went smoothly.

Last August, before Sublux re-launched, my artist/friend Anthony Chavez and I were in a serious auto accident. I ended up getting helicoptered to a hospital where I stayed for a couple weeks with a shattered leg and 50% of my blood.

I didn’t ski this year. I’m still in physical therapy and probably won’t ski much this coming year if at all. I’ve decided to leave the ski industry. As I told Ethan Stone at Ski Time, the new FS hardcore mag, “It’d be hard being a chef if you couldn’t eat the food: that’s the reason for me moving on to pursue other things.�

I’m so stoked to have been lucky enough to be with the ski industry since the spring of 2000. What a crazy thing it is to watch a sport go from zero to sixty with your own eyes in such a short period of time. Seriously, if you can think back to before you saw someone throw a 360 mute grab ‘till now, the progression has been retarded.

I want the progression to continue. I want to sell Sublux Apparel LLC to someone who thinks they’ve got the motivation and imagination to keep the fun going.

The foundation for Sublux has been set; now it’s time for someone else to run with it and take it to the next level.

Included in the purchase is the wordmark ‘Sublux’, designmark of the brand logo,, existing inventory and designs and samples of the new headwear line, which Dave Levin of Armada produced.

Acquisition inquiries should be made to me at 303-523-8307, or email me at

Hasta Labia,

Cody RaisigPresident/Founder, Sublux Apparel LLC